Romantic Tale


Find fabulous romantic clothes in our first collection. You can wear them to brighten your day as you can find luscious details in chiffon and flower pattern. Our cheery tops are great companion especially for your special activities.  Try our lovely ribbon blouse, cotton candy cardigan, cruising blouse and many more!

The beauty of our dress will accompany you to attend a wedding, garden party and romantic dinner. Try our flounce diva dress, available in tan, purple ,orange or our summer day dress have aqua and light orange. At last but not least our fit in purple dress,available in purple gradation colors.

Shoulmate blouse - Rainbow

Vintage etnic cardigan

Shoulmate blouse  
IDR 160.000
3 colors (Rainbow,Medium orchid, Black, White)
Double chiffon

Fit in purple dress - Dark OrchidIDR 200.0003 colors (Dark orchid, Dark violet, Dark magenta)             Double chiffon                                                        

Summerday dress - Aqua
IDR 190.000
2 colors (Aqua, Light orange)
Double chiffon

Flounce diva dress - Burlywood
IDR 200.000 
1 color (Burlywood)

Meet the client blazer - Broken white
IDR 155.000
3 colors (Broken white, Shocking pink, Tan)

Chic Luxury top - Orange
IDR 155.000
2 colors (pink, orange)
Double chiffon

Vintage etnic cardigan - Blue
IDR 160.000 
2 colors  (Blue, Purple)